Mechanical Engineering Works

Our team of mechanical engineers and designers uses their “out of the box” ingenuity to develop and put into practise practical, resilient, and affordable solutions for mechanical problems. We offer the expertise, knowledge, and experience to meet all of your mechanical demands, no matter how big or small, from calculating the pressure drop for a pneumatic convey system to assessing the tension in an evaporator vapour duct.

Piping Engineering Works

A specialist area of mechanical engineering called piping engineering discusses the piping and equipment and process unit layout in chemical, petrochemical, or hydrocarbon facilities. A piping engineer is responsible for many different duties within each department.

Safety Engineering Works

Accident investigation, arc flash hazard assessments, dispersion modelling of contaminant plumes, online e-learning courses, electrical safety, ergonomic evaluations, job safety analysis, lockout tagout surveys, machine guarding surveys, process safety management, risk management, safety audits, site inspections, safety programme development, and safety training are among our core services.

Electrical Engineering Works

Grow more facility management will keep up the administrations to business and corporate. All Technicians are prepared appropriately to deal with the offices accessible for the premises. Prepared Technicians are utilized for the support of the types of gear in the event that crisis.

Process Engineering Works

We are the industry’s top producers of storage devices, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, falling film evaporators, reactors, crystallizers, mixers, and storage tanks used in chemical processing. We are able to provide our valued customers with the best product and quick after-sales services thanks to our resources and industry experience.